Playing "Chicago"

November 16th 2018

Had a great time, albeit short, playing in the band for the touring show “Chicago” the past 2 days! Getting the opportunity to play with a professional musical production was a really awesome experience, and doing it in the Centennial Concert Hall to what looked like to a sell out crowd was pretty cool! Although, the insane amount of mute changes made things unusually acrobatic. Besides this show having maybe the most amount of mute changes I’ve ever seen, it had a couple of other firsts for me...first off, the stage that we played on had multiple tiered levels and the brass was on the top, which was around 15-20 feet high. Near the end of the first act an actress climbed up a latter and through a trap door in the floor that was right beside me (she could have knocked over my mutes!) and slid down the side of a railing. Pretty wild! Also, because this was a touring show we had 1, 4 hour rehearsal the day of the first please!