Guest Artist with the Manitoba Junior Honour Jazz Band

June 26th 2014

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to be a featured guest artist with the 2014 Manitoba Junior Honour Jazz Band directed by Anna Penno. It was great to have a chance to work with some of Manitoba's top young jazz musicians, be a part of their honour jazz band experience and hopefully inspire them to take that next step in their development as a musician. The photograph was taken from the July 2014 Manitoba Band Association Newsletter.

2014 TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

April 11th 2014

I am extremely grateful and excited to be involved in the 2014 TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival this summer with some amazing musicians and groups, playing some great music!

I will be playing with 5 groups during the festival, and will be contributing compositions to 3 of them. Those groups include, the Littleford/Carter Quintet, the Winnipeg Jazz Collective and the Dirty Catfish Brass Band. I will also be playing with the Luke Sellick Expedition and the Ron Paley Big Band.

Tickets are now on sale and you can find more about any of these shows by clicking on the shows link or go to the EVENTS page.

June 12 with the Dirty Catfish Brass Band -

June 16 with the Winnipeg Jazz Collective -

June 19 with the Luke Sellick Expedition -

June 20 with the Littleford/Carter Quintet -

June 21 with the Ron Paley Big Band -

Home Cookin' Article in Dig Magazine!

March 14th 2014

I am honored and privileged to be featured in the March/April issue of Dig Magazine, Winnipeg's Bi-monthly jazz magazine! I was interviewed for the Home Cookin' article which interviews a local Winnipeg jazz musician every issue.

I would like to thank Charlene Diehl for writing the article and everyone at Dig magazine for giving me the opportunity to be featured in this great local jazz magazine.

Since moving to Winnipeg from Vancouver, the city has opened it's arms and offered me many great opportunities to grow as an artist and musician and I am very thankful to all that have supported and continue to support me along my musical path!

View an electronic copy online at:

DCBB's debut album coming soon...!

February 15th 2014

The Dirty Catfish Brass Band are gearing up to record our first album which we plan on having available in the late spring/early summer! Keep an eye on my Event Page or the DCBB web page for all of our upcoming events and you might just get to hear us try out a new original tune or 2 written specifically for the album before it gets recorded!

Trumpet Lessons

September 11th 2013

As a new school year starts I just want to let people know that I am currently available to take on new students. If you are interested or want more information, click on the contact page to find a couple different ways of getting in touch with me.